CheckMail is a email address verification system, which can be used in bulk, by uploading a list of email addresses via our CheckMail portal, or on a one-off basis, via our verification API.

In-short, you pass us an email address, and we’ll tell you if it’s a real, working, email address, with a 97% certainty.

How Do We Do This?

When you pass us an email address, the CheckMail system begins a process of around 20 successive steps, to confirm the validity of the address, including:

  1. Is the email address syntactically valid- that is- does it “look” like an email address,
  2. Is the domain portion of the email address a valid, registered, properly configured domain, and most importantly
  3. Does the system hosting email for this domain respond properly for this email address.

All of of this, and much much more, is processed in real-time, and incredibly quickly, all without actually sending any email to the email address.

It’s VERY important to note, that the recipient of the email address has no idea that their email address is being verified- so it’s completely safe to process any and all email addresses.